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Pathways to Business

Submitted by murtaza_khambati on

Al Tijaarat Al Raabehah organized a workshop "Pathways to Business" for mumineen who are looking to explore business opportunities or who are looking to take their business to the next level.

Kenote speaker Mr. Andrew Hoffman (CPA, CMA, CIPM, FAAPM) shared valuable insights on the following aspects:

- How to explore & evaluate business opportunities.
- Should you start your own business or buy an existing one? 
- How to safely transition from employment to business ownership.
- Steps to grow your existing business to the next level.

More than 200 mumineen and mumenaat participated in this workshop and found it to be very informative. 

Al Tijaarat Al Raabehah is planning to arrange more workshops to encourage mumineen to participate in business activities, which will not only make them more financially independent, but also help the Canadian economy and create more jobs.

Al-Tijaarat Al-Raabehah